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Escape XR

Discover the Escape XR – an irresistible powerhouse!

Designed with a specific goal in mind, this motorcycle offers limitless riding possibilities and ease of handling for all levels and riding styles.

Equipped with a hydraulic diaphragm clutch, this version is more cross-country and enduro-oriented than any EM model before it. It will please the most experienced and demanding riders, but it’s also an excellent bike for newcomers to build their skills on.

Thanks to their special design (smaller size, featherweight, greater range, sporty performance, and excellent handling), the X and XR models are ideal for riders looking for a high-performance motorcycle that’s easy and simple to ride.

With 700NM of torque, the Escape XR is the most powerful motorcycle in the EM range, so you’re sitting on our ultimate power-to-weight ratio.

To make the fun last, the Escape XR is also equipped with our latest long-range 3.5 kWh battery.